Custom glulam
from vision to
final installation.

Single member can substitute for trusses, eliminating bottom chords for more open spaceCan incorporate a glulam curve as a high design featureCan be tapered at ends for a desired look, and for fit and function with other structural and finished components
Available as single or double curvaturesCan incorporate multiple radiuses in double curvaturesMinimum 42-inch radius
Commonly used in a variety of open space designsIdeal for large clear spansTraditionally designed into congregation spaces, such as religious structures and arenas
Designed with hidden or exposed hardware connectionsMaximum design spans up to 120 feetCan include radius bottom chord for design and more open spaceWide variety of pitches and web configurations

Available Species

Alaskan Yellow Cedar
Coastal Douglas Fir
Southern Yellow Pine
Western Red Cedar

Available Stains

Mission Wall
White Birch
Yankee Barn
Baja Biege
Cedar Bark
Cedar Mill
Spice Chest
Baynon Brown
Moss Olive
Blue Shadow
Hill Country
Mountain Ash
Harbor Mist

*Stain colors may not be accurate to final finish

Glulam Types
Straight (W or W/O Camber)
Pitched and tapered
Arches (Radial & Tudor)
Glulam Sizes
Maximum width31 1/4" (79.375 cm)
Maximum depth90” (229 cm)
Maximum length134’ (41 m)
Minimum radius42" (106.7 cm)
Wood Species
Southern Yellow Pine (SYP)
Coastal Douglas Fir (DF)
Alaska Yellow Cedar*
Western Red Cedar*
Treatment before gluing0.4 CCA (SYP); 0.3 Penta (Type C, SYP)
Treatment after gluingPenta (Type A, SYP); 0.4 or 0.6 ACQ; 0.4 or 0.6 MCA; 0.6 CCA; Copper Napthanate; ACZA; Incising (DF)
Class A fire retardantTopical, Flame Stop II
Appearance and Finishes
Framing grade
Industrial grade
Architectural grade
Premium grade
Texture finish (Rough)
In-house machiningNotching, drilling, kerf, mortise, daps (embed), bevel
Maximum weight25,000 lbs
Less than truckload (LTL)

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